FA Supreme cup: a premier event

On the 24th and 25th of August, Utrecht will be
the epicenter of youth football excellence, hosting an Elite Football Youth Tournament. This highly anticipated event is a collaboration between Football Algarve, the Algarve Elite Cup, and Football Ambitions, bringing together some of the most prestigious youth teams from across Europe.
The tournament will feature an impressive lineup of participating teams, including Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, PSV Eindhoven, FC Utrecht, KRC Genk, and Club Brugge, among others. These clubs are renowned for their rich histories, successful youth academies, and contributions to developing football talent.

A showcase of emerging talent

This tournament provides a unique platform for young, aspiring footballers to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. It is not just a competition but a celebration of football, where the next generation of football stars can gain invaluable experience and exposure. Scouts, coaches, and football enthusiasts will be keenly observing, making it an excellent opportunity for players to make a mark and catch the eye of top clubs.


The collaboration between Football Algarve, the Algarve Elite Cup, and Football Ambitions ensures a well-organized and prestigious event. Football Algarve is known for its dedication to youth development and its successful training camps. The Algarve Elite Cup has a reputation for hosting high-caliber tournaments, attracting top teams and providing a competitive environment. Football Ambitions, with its focus on fostering young talent, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the collaboration.

Competitive spirit and cultural exchange

The tournament promises intense matches filled with skill, strategy, and the competitive spirit that defines football. Each team will bring its unique style and tactics, creating a dynamic and exciting atmosphere. Beyond the competition, the event fosters cultural exchange and camaraderie among players from different backgrounds and countries, promoting sportsmanship and mutual respect.


Event Highlights

Spectators can look forward to thrilling matches, showcasing the talents of future football stars. The tournament will take place in a festive atmosphere, with activities and entertainment for families and football fans of all ages. Food stalls, merchandise stands, and interactive zones will add to the experience, making it a memorable event for everyone involved.